Top 10 soccer schools in the world

10. “São Paulo” (Brazil)

sant paolo

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear Brazil is soccer. In this country it is not just a game, but a cult. At each corner you can see how people of any age and sex kick the ball, including children. By and large, they have a high level of motivation: their country belongs to the category of poverty, because soccer is a way to overcome it, as well as the warm climate, beaches, streets and fields, where you can play year-round. “Sao Paulo” is famous for its good ability to work with young people. The most famous graduates of the school are Denilson, Kaka, Kafu, from the last generation – Oscar.

9. “Sporting” (Portugal)


Many soccer stars have gone through this school. The Sporting Academy has 39 titles at the moment, which makes it the best in Portugal. Lisbon people themselves grow stars from scratch. Of course, the athlete “Sporting” number one – five-time winner of the “Golden Ball” Cristiano Ronaldo. But before him was Figo, along with him – Moutinho, Nani, Quaresma.

8. “River Plate” (Argentina)

river plate

Not for nothing this academy is among the top ten in the world, River Plate is the most successful and prestigious club in South America. Strong in the release of high-profile attack players. The “River Plate” – a whole lot of stars, and scouts of the Academy have found talent in other Latin American countries. Here brought up the great di Stefano, Crespo and Ortega, Mascherano and Higuain, Falcao.

7. “Arsenal” (England)

arsenal soccer school

“Arsenal” in its philosophy is forced to focus on the education of young players. So the “Gunners” spend considerable money, attracting the best youth coaches and talents from around the world. The older generation – Kioun, Parlor, Andy and Ashley Cole, the younger – Wilshire and Gibbs. Many young players, “Arsenal” was already at the age of 15-16 years and, as they say, “brought to mind.”

6. “Santos” (Brazil)


Santos is another successful club from Sao Paulo. At Santos Academy there were difficult times and problems with organization and financing, but fundamentally it did not change. The main task that they set for themselves is not to drive the player into any frame, but to help open up. As a result, the graduates of the school “Santosa” became one of the most technical players in history – Neimar, Robinho, and of course Pele.

5. “Manchester United” (England)

mancherter united

“Manchester United” is famous for its ability to adhere to its traditions. This is one of the most successful clubs in the world, which has one of the best academies. The peak of its graduates can be observed already in the 50’s. Unfortunately, many of the players of that team were killed in the Munich air crash in 1958, and the team was facing a heavy revival. Later the club showed the world of George Best, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, the Neville brothers, and many other great players.

4. “Bayern Munich” (Germany)

arsenal soccer school

German soccer has always been cool, pragmatic and highly disciplined. One of the strongest clubs in the world has always collected all the best that is in German soccer – players, coaches, training system, infrastructure. Not surprisingly, most of the stars of the German national team were released from Munich. Who does not know Rummenigge and Beckenbauer, Mayer and Schweinsteiger, Kroos and Mueller and many, many others.

3. “Real Madrid” (Spain)

real madrid

Spain is a country of soccer. The most talented Spanish guys dream more of studying at this academy than finding 100 free spins online because it is a place that makes real stars, not the flashy animated ones like on Starburst slots. Thanks to the children’s coaches “Real” rose in the stars Butragueño and Michel, Guti and Soldado, Mata and Arbeloa. Here, the future legends of the club Raul and Iker Casillas were cut.

2. “Ajax” (Netherlands)


The Dutch national team as well as the training system is one of the best in Europe. In Holland, the so-called unified royal method of training young soccer players has been worked out and still exists, practically in all clubs. Most of the team players graduated from this club. “Ajax” is one of four owners of the so-called soccer “Grand Slam” – the winners of the Cup and the Champions League, the Cup Winners’ Cup and the UEFA Cup. A club like Bayern was not shy in the mid-90s to borrow from Ajax the youth training system. Of the older generation of Ajax graduates, of course, Cruyff, van Basten, the brothers de Boer, Seedorf, Edwin van der Sar, van der Wart, Sneijder, de Jong are remembered, of course.

1. “Barcelona” (Spain)

barcelonna soccer school

The world-famous academy and the first in this list. The key figure in the history of the academy is Johan Cruyff. When he became the head coach of Barcelona, ​​he transferred the Dutch system of training players to Catalonia, which, of course, gave fruit. A feature of the Catalans is that they rely on their pupils. In November 2012, 11 pupils came out on the field at Barça, a unique event for modern soccer. “La Masia” brought up Guardiola, Cesc, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, and Messi, of course. This team has already become the property of history, and modern fans can be proud that they watched her personally.

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