Interesting facts about FC Arsenal

7 goals in one game!

That’s right! Former Arsenal goalkeeper Ted Drake scored seven goals in one game against Aston Villa in December 1935. The Gunners’ classic number 9 scored 124 points in Arsenal’s 167 appearances in a career lasting more than 11 years, but after the Second World War he was unable to return to action correctly after a spinal injury he suffered during a match against Reading.

The legendary striker also showed up at Southampton in the early 30’s, scoring 47 goals in 71 appearances. He was also a big fan of casinos! Of course, in his time there were no free online slots, but this is something that you can try for you.

The Gunners – what’s going on?

arsenal gunners

Arsenal is called “The Gunners” because it was founded by a group of gun activists at Arsenal Woolwich in 1886. And while Arène Wenger, the first foreign coach who won the Premiership title in England in 1998, is the longest running manager of one of the best four divisions of English soccer.

The first team to defeat Real Madrid

Arsenal is the first English team to beat Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena and AC Milan at San Siro. The Arsenal played in the first live match on TV, against their reserve counterparts in 1937 and has since participated in the first live 3D and interactive soccer matches, both with Manchester United.

1919 return to the top!

1913 arsenal

In 1913, Arsenal won a single game throughout the season, which resulted in their final collapse. However, this drop was the only one that scored the team. In 1919 they returned to the top of the flight and remained there since then. Arsenal’s consistency remained exemplary because they saw other heavyweights in soccer that move back and forth between departments.

Arsenal defeated Inter Milan

Arsenal defeated Inter Milan in 2003. And not some small winning worth 50 free spins if you betted right but in fact, they humiliated Nerazzurri by winning 5: 1 which is worth the whole jackpot, it was that good. In reverse Highbury, Inter Milan did lightweight goal scorers, winning 3-0, but Arsene Wenger’s men probably signed a vengeance dominant in Italy before Chelsea was eliminated in the quarterfinals. In 2008, Arsenal ended the victory repertoire with teams from Milan, defeating AC 2-0 in San Siro. We had to wait until 84. minutes before Cesc Fabregas opened the score and Emmanuel Adebayor made a magical game, helping Arsenal in the quarterfinals.




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